SolarCommunities, Inc., DBA SunCommon is a Vermont Benefit Corporation & certified B Corp that provides residential and community solar installations, sporting the tagline ‘Save Money. Go Solar.’ M&M assisted the venture through various capital raises as it scaled exponentially from an idea by founders James Moore and Duane Peterson in 2012 (in collaboration with Vermont Public Interest Research Group) to now two net-POSITIVE headquarters in Waterbury, VT and Rhinebeck, NY. Since then, SunCommon was merged with Hudson Solar in New York and has now been owned by iSun, Inc. since 2021. 

“There’s a lot of moving parts to creating a new business. Our easiest decision was selecting the law firm to guide us. Ken Merritt’s deep experience in venture finance made him the obvious choice. We didn’t want cookie-cutter, and Ken’s knowledgeable creativity helped us fashion our structure and raises just our way. And his respected standing in the investor community gave comfort to our prospects that our offering was well-structured. Ken and his easy to work with team were invaluable in getting our business underway and guiding our steep growth phase since.” – Duane Peterson, former President of SunCommon