Associate, Andrew Grosvenor, Part of Alpha Loft’s Launch Series

Merritt & Merritt’s Associate, Andrew Grosvenor, is scheduled to present this coming Tuesday, September 13th, at Alpha Loft in Portsmouth, NH as a part of the Loft’s Launch Series.

The Launch Series provides informative presentations on a variety of topics related to startups and early stage growth companies. Presentations are provided by experts in the field. These lectures are a great opportunity to learn from seasoned industry stakeholders and get answers to the great many questions peppering the minds of entrepreneurs.

This month’s focus is on the basics of owning a company, as the Eventbrite page indicates:

Founders are usually so busy developing the business that they don’t give much thought to the company. Corporate details can be dry, but the mechanics of the company are at the center of the relationship among founders, key employees, and investors. This program will cover initial ownership structure, creating a capitalization table, how company ownership evolves in a growing startup, and issuing options and direct equity to employees (and choosing which to issue)

The event includes food and beverage and time to network with others. And, it’s an added bonus that there is no cost to attend. Register here and reserve your spot.